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IDN promo
(Graphics:Devoid of Yesterday / Client:Devoid)

F5 Showpiece
(Graphics:Various / Client:BrianBowman)

Mercedes GL unveil
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Mercedes)

Cadillac ID
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Cadillac)

Pioneer SYNCTV start up
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Pioneer)

Microsoft Office for Mac
(Graphics:ZAAZ / Client:Microsoft)

The Ronin: Website UI FX
(Graphics:TheRonin / Client:Rob Chiu)

Lexus IS-F Unveil
(Graphics:ThinkNau / Client:Lexus)

Making Slough Happy
(Graphics:TheRonin / Client:BBC)

NFL Network Logo Animation
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:NFL Network)

Methademic Trailer
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Suspicious Packaging)

Filmmakers Entertainment Logo Animation
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Filmmakers Entertainment)

State of Design 2005
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Spark Creative)

Flavorpill ID
(Graphics:Tronic / Client:Flavorpill)

Aux Magazine Cinema Commercial
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Aux Magazine)

A Thousand Suns - Prologue
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Matthew Modine)

Sojitz Corporation Logo ID
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Sojitz Corporation)

Gestalt Logo ID
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Gestalt)

Black Day To Freedom
(Graphics:TheRonin / Client:Beyond)

LTIU/Univ. of Huddersfield Ident
(Graphics:TheRonin / Client:Univ. of Huddersfield)

PR Mayhem
(Graphics:TheRonin / Client:BD4D)

Animated Minds
(Graphics:TheRonin / Client:BBC Channel 4)

Channel One - Eva Intro
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Channel One)

Adobe - Better By
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Adobe)

Nicktoona Showpackage
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Nickelodeon)

(Graphics:Renascent / Client:DesignTex)

(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Renascent)

Relokation Ne
(Graphics:Dstrukt / Client:Dstrukt)

Blessed - DVD
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:Youworkforthem)

PMI - Ambient Display
(Graphics:Renascent / Client:PMI)

Vibe Enthrallogy
(Graphics: Eric Natzke / Client:Pontiac)

(Graphics:TheRonin / Client:TheRonin)